08 Best Lakes of Rajasthan You Should Visit Once in Lifetime

Gadsisar Lake Jaisalmer
08 Best Lakes of Rajasthan You Should Visit Once in Lifetime
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08 Best Lakes of Rajasthan You Should Visit Once  

Rajasthan is very famous for its Forts and Places, but you can not ignore its Lakes. Rajasthan has beautiful lakes in its portfolio. If you are on Rajasthan Tour by Car, go for these lake cities 

  1. Lake Pichola – Udaipur

The Lake Pichola, named after nearby village Picholi. It is located in Udaipur and famous among tourist for boat ride here. This lake builds in 1362 AD by a Banjara. The lake has 2 Islands, 1. Jag Niwas and Jag Mandir. Famous Lake Palace hotel built on Jag Niwas Island and Jag Mandir is also a favourite place to visit in Udaipur. The famous City Palace of Udaipur  “ residence of Udaipur Maharaja” is located on Bank of Lake Pichola. Lake Pichola is a significant tourist attraction in Udaipur

Places to visit nearby Lake Pichola: City Palace, Lake Palace, Bagore ki Haveli, Ambrai Ghat etc.

How to reach there: Udaipur is connected to major cities of India by Air, Rail and Road

Pichola Lake Udaipur

2. Fateh Sagar Lake – Udaipur

It is also a famous lake in Udaipur. The lake is constructed by Maharana Fateh Singh of Mewar in 1680 AD, Named after them. It is one of the four lakes of Udaipur. The Fateh Sagar lake has three islands which are known as 1.Nehru Park 2. Udaipur Solar Observatory 3. The public park which has Jet Fountain

All three island is accessible by motor boats

Places to visit nearby Fatehsagar Lake: Maharana Pratap Memorial, Nehru Park, Saheliyon ki Bari, Udaipur Solar Observatory etc.

How to reach there: Udaipur is connected to major cities of India by Air, Rail and Road

Fateh Sagar Lake Udaipur

3. Man Sagar Lake – Jaipur

Man Sagar Lake is situated near Jaipur, The Capital of Rajasthan. The lake named after Raja Man Singh who constructed in 1610 AD. The lake has a view of Aravali Hills from three sides. The Famous Jal Mahal is built in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake. This lake lies between Jaipur and Amer near Nahar Garh Fort which is famous for its Sunset view of Jaipur. Boating is not allowed here now days

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Places to visit nearby Man Sagar Lake: Nahargarh Fort, Amer Fort, Kanak Vrindavan etc.

How to Reach There: Jaipur is connected to major cities of India by Air, Rail and Road

Man Sagar Lake Jaipur

4. Sambhar Salt Lake – Sambhar Nagaur

Sambhar lake is India’s most extensive inland Salt lake. Situated at 94km from Jaipur and 64 km from Ajmer. It is famous for natural Salt production. Nowadays the lake has become popular among the tourist for Bird Watching. Many tourists reach there to watch birds and sambhar wildlife sanctuary


Places to visit near Sambhar Lake: Sakambhari Mata Temple, sambhar wildlife sanctuary

         How to Reach There: Sambhar Town is 10 km from        Phulera Junction which is connected to main cities by Rail and Road

Sambhar lake

5. Ana Sagar Lake – Ajmer

Ana Sagar Lake is located in Ajmer which is constructed in 1150 AD by Anaji Tomar, Grand Father of Prithviraj Chohan. The lake is spared over 13 Sq Km. The lake has one island which is accessible by boats. A circuit House is nearby the lake built on a Hill by the British empire, overlooking the Ana Sagar lake. The Daulat bag Garden is nearby the lake which is created by Jehangir

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Places to visit near Sambhar Lake: TaraGarh Fort, Dhai Din ka Jhopra, Daulat Bagh

How to Reach There: Ajmer is connected to main cities by    Rail and Road

Ana Sagar Lake Ajmer

6. Gadisar Lake – Jaisalmer

Also known as Gadsisar Lake, built by Maharaja Gadsi Singh of Jaisalmer named after it. This lake was the only source of water in Jaisalmer. Today it became a popular touristic destination of Jaisalmer. Many famous places to visit in Jaisalmer has held nearby the lake. 

Places to visit near Gadisar Lake : Tilon ki Pol , Desert Cultural Center etc.

How to Reach there: Jaisalmer is connected well to all cities of India by Air, Rail and Road.

Gadsisar Lake Jaisalmer

7. Pushkar Lake – Pushkar Ajmer

Pushkar Lake situated in famous Pushkar Town. It is a significant pilgrimage place for Hindu Darhma. It also called “ Teerth Raaj Pushkar”. The Lake has 50 + Bathing Ghats with different names, like Gau Ghat etc. The only Brahma temple in World is located near Pushkar Lake. This Temple is Main Tourist attraction in Pushkar. World famous Pushkar Fair is also held nearby Pushkar lake in Kartik Month

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Places to visit nearby Pushkar Lake: Brahma Temple, Gau Ghat.

How to reach there: Pushkar is 10 Km from Ajmer which is connected to main cities by Rail and Road

Pushkar Lake Ajmer

8. Nakki Lake – Mount Abu

The Nakki Lake situated at only Hill station of Rajasthan, Mount Abu. It was dug out from nails that’s why it called nakki lake. It is a very sacred lake to Garashia People. This lake is a top-rated attraction in Mount Abu in Tourist. You can enjoy Boat ride here. Toad Rock and Jaipur House is nearby the lake


Places to visit nearby Nakki Lake: Toad Rock, Jaipur House, Sunset Point, Delwara Temple etc.

How to reach there: Mount Abu is 32 Kms from Abu road which well connected to all cities of India by Rail and Road.

Nakki Lake Mount Abu

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