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Jodhpur Tour
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Jodhpur stands on a range of sandstone hills surrounded by a strong wall nearly 10 kms in length, with seven gates, dominating the city is an eminence surmounted by a massive Mehrangarh Fortfortress. Within the walls are royal palaces with priceless jewels and a striking collection of arms. Sightseeing of Jodhpur includes visit to the Fort, Palaces, Armoury and Jaswant Thada.

Sightseeing at Jodhpur –
Mehrangarh Fort : Situated at an altitude of about 125 mtrs, the Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur is spread over an area of 5 sq km in the heart of the city of Jodhpur. Besides being a landmark in Jodhpur Mehrangarh fort is a must visit for all the tourists. The fort has seven gates of which the noted ones are the Jayapol, built by Maharaja Man Singh in 1806; Fatehpol or the Victory Gate built by Maharaja Ajit Singh; and the Lohapol or the Iron Gate.

Jaswant Thada : Jaswant Thada in Jodhpur is a white marble memorial built in memory of Maharaja Jaswant II in 1899 A story goes that Maharaja Jaswant Umaid Bhawan Palacesuccumbed to injuries in this place while fighting the Mughal king Jahangir. This place is a must visit in Jodhpur.

Umaid Bhawan : Made of marble and pink sandstone, the construction of the Umaid Bhawan of Jodhpur started in 1929 and it took 16 years to complete it. It is believed that the palace was constructed to give employment to the famine-struck population of Jodhpur. This majestic building is presently the residence of the former rulers with a part of it running as hotel and remaining part as a museum.

Fairs-Festivals in Jodhpur –
Jodhpur celebrates the Marwar festival with great fun and joy. It is a two-day program of fun, folk music, folk dance and folklore. Nagpanchami, the worship of the king of the serpents, is also celebrated with enthusiasm.

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